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Happy Mother’s Day (To all working Moms)

To all the working Moms out there. It’s your special Day and let me take this opportunity to appreciate your contribution in shaping our lives and our society. You Moms make a big difference, at home and at work.  Kids … Continue reading

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Living Wisdom

Wisdom. Webster defines it as – knowledge, insight a.    accumulated philosophic or scientific learning : knowledge b.    ability to discern inner qualities and relationships : insight Free on-line dictionary defines it as – the ability to discern or judge what … Continue reading

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Balancing Life’s Portfolio

Every year-end I review my portfolios and re-balance them if needed. I evaluate the year for growth or loss; financially as well as on a personal aspect and plan accordingly for the forthcoming year; keep up the growth or compensate … Continue reading

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A Priceless Gift and Holiday Spirit

Holidays are around; it’s a giving & sharing season. Everyone’s busy trying to make that final dash at the mall in order to complete the holiday list. Some people take huge efforts to find that perfect gift for their loved … Continue reading

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Circling an extra mile … in pursuit of happiness

Right after college, I was traveling with a friend of mine, a fresh business graduate to visit his uncle at a countryside farm. His uncle a middle-aged farmer was placidly sitting in his porch listening to his favorite music. The … Continue reading

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