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My Wild Choices

My Body, my Mind, my Choice … Powerful words gone wild in a video campaign collaborated by Vogue India & Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone. The video does not clearly say who is it targeted (addressed) to, whether it is parents, … Continue reading

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Visual Freedom

One of the biggest turn offs going to gym or swimming is the gender segregated shared locker room.  The very thought of confronting an image violating your visual field puts a second thought making that health building trip. You may … Continue reading

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Ogling Drivers

Living in North East US, you always long for summer months. BBQ, Baseball & Beer it couldn’t get better. However warm days also bring an unwarranted morning commute stress while driving on one stretch of NYC suburb highway. There’s this … Continue reading

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Happy Women’s Day – A wake-up call for Men

Even in the age of equality in the free liberal world, I feel offended when women go out and celebrate women’s day, a deliberate attempt to mock man the inferior gender of the human species. We men know that we … Continue reading

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Spousal Pressure

You know that I have been very vocal about the plight of Indian Husbands in 21st century. I know some of you see it with skepticism and some even ridicule it outright. Well the issue is not only deep rooted … Continue reading

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Survived Sandy

  Super storm Sandy sizzled through my neighborhood blazing a trail of terror, couple of days ahead of trick or treating. We find ourselves lucky to escape unharmed and survive the shade of nature that was offered in the form … Continue reading

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Indian Husbands: God to Dog!

“Pati Parmeshwar” – Sanskrit Husband is God. In traditional Indian marriages, woman will accept her Husband for life and will treat him as God. I swear on happy moments of every husbands out there that I am not making this … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day (To all working Moms)

To all the working Moms out there. It’s your special Day and let me take this opportunity to appreciate your contribution in shaping our lives and our society. You Moms make a big difference, at home and at work.  Kids … Continue reading

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Living Wisdom

Wisdom. Webster defines it as – knowledge, insight a.    accumulated philosophic or scientific learning : knowledge b.    ability to discern inner qualities and relationships : insight Free on-line dictionary defines it as – the ability to discern or judge what … Continue reading

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Interrupted (Random) Thoughts

What initially appeared as a couple of week’s blogging hiatus, eventually turned out to be season long blogging hibernation. It all started with Giants winning the Super Bowl XLVI. The win was great but what’s more awesome was the fact … Continue reading

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