My Wild Choices

My Body, my Mind, my Choice … Powerful words gone wild in a video campaign collaborated by Vogue India & Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone. The video does not clearly say who is it targeted (addressed) to, whether it is parents, government, significant other, Men in general or just every human being other than self? Also what’s unclear in the video is who the subject is; Woman over 21 or all girls including teenagers?

The video is supposedly promoting gender equality, women empowerment & liberty. I don’t see that coming from any single line in those two minutes of obnoxious rant. Women is a superior gender of the human species (no kidding here, I have said & proved this many times) for them to be equal to Man they’ll have to devalue & degrade themselves. Aping men even for recreational purposes often comes with dire consequences of personal embarrassment. We always see long line in front of ladies room as opposed to Men’s room. I don’t think you want your equality flexed into Men’s toilet; in fact what you want is a larger women’s toilet. You don’t even want to take away Men’s toilet because then their choice can cause larger problems.

Talking about women empowerment, agreed that there are some challenges that needs to be addressed but again in a democratic country I blame women to some extent for being in such situation. Barack may be running the most powerful nation in the world but at the end of the day Michelle is running the house Barack is living in. Women have mastered to empower themselves within the confinement of their own dominion, all they need is to expand their horizon a bit.

I also see a bit of hypocrisy in the outcry of choice and freedom. In an attempt to spite “masculism” (if that’s what feminism is opposing) the choice goes on a wild ride however I dare the choice to say “I choose to trade my scalp hair for a facial hair or I choose to guzzle down a keg and burp with mouth wide open or may be even wilder I choose to leave toilet seat up!!

For a moment let’s view this radical absurdity from a single guy’s mind; Choice permitting a freedom seeking woman is willing to don skimpy outfit, be in a temporary lustful relationship, and indulge in a guilt free sex. This heavenly honor is at par with beer & baseball for a single guy. The only people at loss here are the people closely associated with the woman liberating her wild side loose. Her parents, her children, her husband, her siblings and her very own conscience deeply buried in her. To me this seems like a ploy of an extremely shrewd misogynist who infiltrated the feminist organization & duped them into proclaiming self-defeating statements

Let’s evaluate some hard to comprehend gems from the delivered sermon. The content is hugely shrouded with intentional ambiguity aimed to sensationalize the matter. We’ll try to see the obvious & subtle intent.

“To wear the clothes I like; even if my spirit roams naked. My choice; to be a size 0 or a size 15”
I think the idea is not about thesize it’s about staying healthy & FIT; if your choice is otherwise hope you carry a good health insurance!

“Your mind is caged, let it free My body is not, let it be” Every living species except humans by & large lives on their whim & will. During the course of evolution Humans collectively decided to be civilized & make choices within the realm of norms. So basically the choice is to go back to the basics!

“My choice to marry, or not to marry To have sex before marriage, to have sex outside marriage, or to not have sex” This one is the most controversial & I am sure even some hard-core feminist would find it hard to stomach the choice proclaimed here. The words are deliberately twisted into ambiguity, by saying having sex outside marriage does she mean, once marriage is terminated or while being in marriage? The latter is deemed as adultery which is not only immoral but also a criminal offense under some law. One may say “My choice is to rob a bank” sure but there are consequences if you are caught. So if you want to venture into extramarital affairs, you not only have to beat the consequences but will also have to kill your own conscience.

“My choice to love temporarily, or to lust forever My choice to love a man, or a woman, or both” Ambiguity allover! Love temporarily, as in on & off over a course of time or for a defined period of time? Never heard that love comes with an expiry date, agreed things may not work out & you may part your ways but knowingly getting into a relationship with breakup intent in mind is just being an opportunist. You may choose to lust for ever, but people with virtues when commit to relationship they also vow loyalty. You may love all but you only commit to one & remain loyal in your commitment. If I comprehend the ambiguity correctly the choice here is disloyalty. Question is will it be accepted mutually?

“My choice; to have your baby or not To pick you from 7 billion choices or not So don’t get cocky” This is the straw that broke the back. You may take liberty to pick all 7 billion available choices but the baby will only come from ONE single source. If you are not married no one is objecting your choice, but as a married woman if your choice for that one single source is not your husband … all I have to say is $#!& bleep %!@$ bleep bleep &^%$# bleep bleep bleep. Not only you are committing adultery but are also assassinating paternal pride of the child you are bearing and raising. There’s a difference between being liberated & being a rebellion, seeking freedom vs pursuing authoritarianism. Once the implication of your choices starts to inflict on others’ lives there will be repercussions in the form of choices hurled from the other side. Have you chosen to give a thought on that?

There’s always a choice between sanity & stupidity. Choose it wisely 🙂


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Amateur Scribbler. Equal opportunity scribbler on Stupidity and Sanity.
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5 Responses to My Wild Choices

  1. jakesprinter says:

    Glad to read your post once again Yatin ..even in my busy days,,,,, I love your post my friend 🙂

  2. Kourtney Heintz says:

    I think the deeper issue here is that a woman is expected to live with the consequences of her decisions, but in our society, a man usually gets a free pass because “that’s what men do.” And that’s the real problem. Choices should carry consequences for all. The same stigma should apply to a man who cheats as a woman who cheats, but it doesn’t.

  3. Hemangini says:

    now writing anymore?

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