Interrupted (Random) Thoughts

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What initially appeared as a couple of week’s blogging hiatus, eventually turned out to be season long blogging hibernation. It all started with Giants winning the Super Bowl XLVI. The win was great but what’s more awesome was the fact it was against NE Pats. The celebrations lasted for few days. Under euphoria I may have used up all my yearly allocated quota of joy in three days and as a result of that frowned fate may have outsourced the script of my next three months to a frustrated intern or a diehard NE fan. Whoever that person was, he just scooped everything out of that stress jar & smeared it on my weeks to follow.

A mere coincidence or an instigation by fate, around the same time a Global beverage giant head-quartered in NY was undertaking “productivity improvement measures” – a management lingo in street language simply means planned lay-offs. (This was all over the news so this is nothing new that I am disclosing here.) We weren’t fortunate enough to be amongst the chosen ones for the pink slip and so became the natural choice to pick up the slack left behind by the ones who attained work Nirvana (at least for time being). A major application upgrade scheduled for first half of the year was now my so far relaxed shoulders to deliver with resource depleted team.

A simple work formula is — work = hands * hours. Work has to be done no matter what; if value of hands decreases, the only way you can balance the equation is by increasing the value of hours. That’s exactly we ended up doing. In tech world, few emergencies or fire drills during the year are usual norm, so this alone wasn’t a shirt losing situation.  But as they say trouble comes in threes.  While I was copping up with imbalanced work equation, my wife was struggling with fresh challenges at her new work place. She couldn’t have picked better time to switch job. Still not a dire situation, until our bundle of joy decided to put the final straw.

Fortunately we didn't have to resort to this.
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Not sure about elsewhere, but in US, babies are called bundle of joy, (delivered by a stork). But the joy is not eternal and you can’t even buy extended warranty on that. The tootsie turns terrible at two and begins to unleash tantrums at her parents, giving them a glimpse of the other side of the parenthood. Not a norm but a general observation shows that girls don’t go all out with their tantrums at the age of two, they save it for later years (esp. post married life). Boys spend it all to deliver a knockout punch at two and hence the term “terrible two” became popular. We have two boys & considered ourselves blessed for the most part. Our elder one almost forgot to turn two. His ambition is to become a President so makes perfect sense he’s saving it for later. Younger one delivered first three quarters of his terrible two like Apple Inc.’s earnings report; better than expectation. But that was just the silence before the storm; he was saving it all for the last quarter. Not yet three and he’s learned to outsmart both of us put together, and we haven’t let him taste soda yet! A simplest task like converting 8oz of milk into a soiled diaper has become a major negotiation on a daily basis. He obliges us by consuming a meal & we have to return him a favor back by entertaining him. If his terrible two lasts two more years we both will be good performing artists. I have started complaining about hair loss & she’s complaining of memory loss.

Friends & relatives tell us that we should be thankful for having only two kids, imagine the life with a third one! Well we don’t have to think or worry about that until the younger one is in charge. Lately by the time our supercharged toddler goes to bed he has already drained out all the energy out of us. We are so exhausted that we don’t even have zest to say “good night”; making it one is a farfetched thing. Yeah there’s a lot to catch up on. I mean catching up with all your posts.  My project is going live tomorrow (fingers crossed), younger one is turning three next week & wife is settling down at her new work. So maybe I might be able to return back to my glory days, of being a good husband and let the world know via the blog how much I love my wife. No plans for the third one though and can’t wait for Super Bowl XLVII!!

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51 Responses to Interrupted (Random) Thoughts

  1. So happy to see you back. Wishing u the very best for the project and a very happy birthday to the little one well in advance!


  2. jakesprinter says:

    Glad to see you Yatin , You done a really great entry here my friend 🙂

  3. Ha! As always, insightful and laugh-inducing. Thanks, Yatin.

  4. Hellopalz says:

    Ha ha ha…. so yeah… ur life is super busy! I always hear that a blogger should never apologize to his reader for not posting in a while. But with the way you write, it turned out to be a humorous comeback post. My wishes for ur son’s birthday 🙂

    • Yatin says:

      Super Busy? I am a Husband & a working Dad, one can imagine where the time goes! Thanks for your best wishes for my Son. He’s already got a huge wish list for his day and he adds on to it every day. I hope we don’t disappoint him on that day.

  5. Ha! Ha! Well, one thing is for sure. Your writing is just as witty and wonderful as usual! Anyway, welcome back Yatin. It’s always a pleasure to read your posts. By the way, I’ve got some catching up to do myself! I think we need more than twenty-four hours in a day. 🙂

  6. */-)ndr¡X* says:

    I love your post, great idea, and wonderful writing!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

  7. susielindau says:

    I love your metaphor of smearing stress right out of the jar. Too funny!
    You are in the thick of it now. Time has a way of accelerating when activities slow down so as soon as they both go to school it will become a whirlwind!

  8. susielindau says:

    Not think of it Thick of it!

  9. Olga says:

    Greetings to the three-year-old! Good to see you back here 🙂

  10. Addie says:

    Ah! Finally the answer to my query – Where has Yatin gone?! And happy birthday to the young’un!

  11. Good to see you back again. Nice post and glad to catch up. Kid years are really fast… so do enjoy!

  12. Kourtney Heintz says:

    Wow. You had every right to take a blog sabbatical! 😉

  13. Very nice! I love the wit and sense of humour in your prose. I can’t wait for Tina and I to have our little bundle of joy; I am sure I will have much to write about, as you do.

    Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    • Yatin says:

      Thanks for visiting the blog! Bundle of Joy will bring & create lot of stories to share, not sure you’ll have time to post them! 🙂 It’s one of the most fun as well as busiest time of the life. Congratulations in advance!

  14. magsx2 says:

    Hi Yatin,
    Time just seems to get away from all of us, we do need more than 24 hrs in a day. 🙂
    Thank You very much for the visit over at my blog.

  15. Cayman Thorn says:

    Being the father of teenagers is akin to running around with your hair on fire, so enjoy the sleepless nights. They grow up too quickly.
    Nice post.

  16. Did my post make it? This is your son’s birthday week, right? Good to hear from you again.

  17. The Guat says:

    Pretty funny random thoughts. I love the in case of emergency image and the terrible twos! I have a boy and we didn’t have any terrible twos, but my nine-month old already has them. Most babies are advanced in walking, crawling, that mini-kung-fu grip…my kid is way advanced on the hostile attitude scale. If nine months is like this, I’m worried what two years of age will bring. Thanks for stopping by via Susie’s page.

    • Yatin says:

      I think something has to with this iPad generation babies. I hear a lot about them 🙂
      Well in case I guess since he’s advance for his age, buy the time he’s two, he’ll be acting school going! Good Luck!

  18. Catherine Johnson says:

    Wonderful post, I can relate! Good luck and Happy Birthday to your little one.

  19. Amrita Sinha says:

    Ha Ha Ha you have got a great sense of humour! 🙂 Nice to know Yatin that you like and practice meditation! 🙂

  20. Amrita Sinha says:

    One more thing, while reading the topic of the post, I read ‘Interrupted thoughts’ and suddenly I remembered my Microprocessor subject. Once our Prof was defining the s/w and h/w interrupts of 8086 and he defined it in these terms as defined by you 😀 S/w interrupt — when you are sittin’ in the class but thinking about something else ( mind is not here!) and hence not listening to the lecture. H/w interrupt when somebody pokes you or disturbs when you are listening! So refreshes my mind about those classes! 🙂 Thanks!

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