Discriminating Oscars Categories

Image credit : oscars.org vis wikipedia

Oscars nominations were announced earlier today. One category that still stands out amongst the others is the Acting category. That’s the only category we still have gender segregation at Oscars. Even in the age of equality, men are still considered inferior to women when it comes to acting. Agreed women are natural actors (no pun intended), but men has come long way in learning and developing the art. We have earned equality in all other fields. There is no separate category like best writress or best Directress, but for sure best actress in lead and supporting role. The later one bothers me the most. Even being supportive we are not at par with women.

One would argue that, in a given movie there is only one writer, (all right for minds seeking political correctness, one script written by one or more writers.) There’s one director directing the film but there are different actors playing the roles and hence a separate category. Well if that’s the case why not have a category of Child & Senior Citizen too! That’s a different skill and maturity level. But no everything has to be looked as Black & White; Man and Woman. Do you see my point here? Do you see the foul play here creating a separate category – only for women! I understand acting is complicated art. It’s not just about how you act or play, it also involves, your screen presence, your persona, your glamor it’s the whole package.

Men have come a long way to compete with women in appearance. From a medieval savagery to a metrosexual man, guys has almost adapted his gender counterpart’s life style including grooming, shopping, closet space, grinning (typical Man laughs out loud), shaving body parts that even the creator never thought would ever happen. Apart from few hygiene products you’ll see a metrosexual man using almost every thing from women’s drawer. Even after this men are still not an acting material at par with women.

Men's attempt to earn Acting equality

Even these efforts didn't earn Men enough acting recognition to be at par with women! Image credit imdb.com

I think a category that truly deserves to be segregated based on gender is makeup artist category. We need two separate categories, best makeup on male and best makeup on female. Come on face it, beautifying a woman is like putting together flowers & create a bouquet out of it. The thing itself is beautiful; all you are doing is just enhancing the glory of it. That’s what makeup does to women. No special skills of makeup artist are involved there.  Well beautifying Man is like carving out something from a raw stone, a hard labor with chisel & hammer and not only that you also need artistic sense. Not all chisel strokes on stone creates an aesthetically appealing image.

Fifty years ago one guy addressed the humanity and said I have a dream; many heard that in person & never thought the dream will come true during their lifespan; results of last general election saw that dream come true. Today from this blog post I declare, I have a dream to be treated equally in the female dominated world. And I hope I live long enough to see that one day. Even a day when I don’t have to worry about consequences of toilet seat left up would be worth living. Until then let’s watch the Superbowl where men violently battle out on field while women glamorously cheer them from the sidelines; something like a medieval dog fight!

(Women may find some stuff flattering on this post here. My wife reads my blog too. I hope to be greeted with some exotic dinner this evening. Hunger supersedes Honesty, taste-buds triumphs over truth; enough said. She ignores italics assuming it a fine print. So one of the days if you see entire post in italics don’t be surprised, you already know the reason.)


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17 Responses to Discriminating Oscars Categories

  1. susielindau says:

    Sucking up usually works Yatin. Good luck with that exotic dinner! Great satire!

  2. extremely well written post and I quite admire the satirical tone that I must say you handle so well!

    agree to all that you have said Yatin!


  3. Hareem says:

    I agree to the separate make-up artists catagories. Though I think men are better actors (on-screen only).

  4. Addie says:

    I nominate Robert Pattinson for best makeup on male. Or should I give the credit to the MUAs?

  5. The Hook says:

    I hope you got your exotic dinner – and then some! You’re a good hubby!

  6. This is one creative take on the oscars, Yatin! Since men for many years played all roles, including female characters, maybe actress’s advanced technique is some sort of karma… 😉

    • Yatin says:

      Thanks August. I think women may have intentionally delayed entering in certain profession, just to let Men try and fall face down and then show him how to do it. With this economy can’t wait to see Madam President take charge of Oval office. Yeah and I know we’ll blame all the hurricanes, flood, blizzards on her. She needs to be blamed for something, there can’t be a perfect world!

  7. Cafe23 says:

    I love the ode to women, I can see from your other posts that you hold us in such high regard =P
    Good post! 🙂

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