Lens or Lass – 100 Word Flash Fiction

A co-blogger Susie is on a wild ride to fill in big shoes. In support of her cause here’s is my feeble attempt to compile a fiction in hundred words using the following photo prompt.


Awed by the intriguing interior, I was grasping the details using all my available senses at full capacity. Overwhelmed by the extravagance of the architectural marvel, my senses signaled overload warning; pulled out SLR to absorb further details. Lens zoomed to seize details captured a gorgeous amidst the splendid. Eyes peaked out of lens to imbibe nature’s dazzling creation. A fumble saw lens jumped out of half open bag and rolled off to a distance. Damsel made her way towards the exit; brain signaled towards lens, heart pumped harder to push feet towards exit. Mind in scuffle lens or lass?


Please visit the inspirer Susie Lindau and check out the real action of 100 word flash fiction!


About Yatin

Amateur Scribbler. Equal opportunity scribbler on Stupidity and Sanity.
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27 Responses to Lens or Lass – 100 Word Flash Fiction

  1. susielindau says:

    Yatin! I am so glad you joined in!! I love the internal thought process. It could have been any guy right? Hahaha!

  2. I liked the phrase “nature’s dazzling creation” and hope she doesn’t step on the lens and fall down. Lens or lass? I’d say both.
    Here’s mine: http://bridges are for burning.wordpress.com/

  3. Original take on a timeless conflict.

    Here’s mine: http://wp.me/p1Tjpv-8y

  4. its an arresting short piece. i liked it!

  5. The Lady or the Tiger. Well, not really, but got me thinking about it. Nicely done.

    Here’s my story: http://wp.me/p24aJS-1P

    • Yatin says:

      Haha, well in this case I could be that semi-barbaric King. At least here neither of the choices have detrimental affect. Thanks for the kind words.

  6. jakesprinter says:

    Great entry Yatin very amazing one 🙂

  7. Hareem says:

    I want to start writing fiction too and to start with a hundred words is a great idea! 😀 I’ll start it in the coming weeks hopefully!

  8. Quill Shiv says:

    This is wonderful. I enjoy your playfulness with words. Keep it up!

    This is my contribution for the week: http://quillshiv.wordpress.com/2012/01/20/shrouds/

  9. The Hook says:

    Your effort was hardly feeble! Good work!

  10. You write really well… Nice blog too… 😉

  11. dmmacilroy says:

    Good job, Yatin,

    Welcome aboard. Looking forward to seeing you around more.




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  14. just loved it. 🙂
    hope brain was followed or else…

    • Yatin says:

      Late teen hormones usually overrides the brain signals 🙂 Well that was much later so chances are brain commands were followed.

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