Seeking Shaving Sense

Every morning I start my day with a familiar mundane chore at the bathroom vanity. I see myself gently mowing my facial turf as a daily ritual. Every razor stroke seems to reveal a natural being buried behind the aberrant layer of spiny growth over past 24 hours. The daily phenomenon often puts my brain – the closest thing around the action into a delirium state and sends my confused intelligence into a rational debate; is this really a natural thing to do or are we going against the nature to speak the truth? If nature has gifted us fluffy follicles, surely there must be a reason behind it. Are we indulging into an unnatural act by irradiating it from the face of our body?

We remove hair, we clip nails, we figured keratinized growth is gratuitous for our urbane evolved kind and is worth getting rid of it. However we still make an exception in nails and hair over the head. We don’t remove them completely. We found ways to make them aesthetically appealing. Even a benign epidermal cellular growth biologically known as mole, has been linguistically applauded as a beauty spot. People who lack one go for an artificial one to add an ornamental value to the face. It’s also not that we abhor furry feeling, we love fur apparel, and we adore furry & feathery pets. We tend to appreciate one thing in others while scowl upon the same within us. In fact we fright the absence of hair on head while frown the presence of same elsewhere on the body. Doesn’t it sound like a double standard? Why did we evolve our aesthetic sense so complex? It’s not that we shave to render our skin’s natural splendor; if that’s the case we won’t adorn it back with tan or tattoo! Given all the intelligence and creativity we still have failed to incorporate our body hair into beauty a package.

We talk about hair eradication and there is a whole another group desperate to grow some on their barren scalp. I hear there’s lot of research going on to make that arid area fertile again. Can we just steal a page from the “best failed experiment” of that research? I guess that would be the answer to liberate ourselves from the daily chore of body mowing.

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I clearly know the reasons behind my shaving. I look at women, the supreme being of my species, nature’s finest creation, so prolific that at times even nature itself fails to comprehend the complexity of its very own composition. Superiority of female of my species fascinates me. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I can’t match toe to toe and brow to brow, the sheer domination my species mate holds over me. Amongst the apparent differences between male and female, visible under normal civilized conditions, facial hair is the only one I can bridge with relative ease.  I shave (only face) as an earnest compliment to my glamorously superior counterpart. Well some chaps go beyond shave to imitate chicks, but I draw a line; I can’t date dudes. Not that anything is wrong with that, just not my cup of tea.

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Humans are not born with facial hairs. I guess its nature’s way to ensure that male of the species gets an equal opportunity of nourishment and growth under female domination. Boys don’t earn their facial fur until they are at least teen. That’s when the anatomical asymmetry between the two genders start to emerge out, so nature said what the heck, let there be hair. When male is rewarded with mane, their counterpart are blessed with a potent chemical arsenal – hormones. Hair and hormones emerge around the same period in human development. From that point onwards genders of the same species begin to look at each other differently; the scuffle between pelage and pink commences. I see a definite connection between hair and hormones, Period. I have strong reasons to believe male facial fuzz invokes a rage in female, triggers their cellular processing unit to produce that perilous compound called hormones, a substance known to invisibly destroy men mentally and completely. I decided to diminish the distinctive feature deemed responsible for the destruction of my desired peace. I shave to minimize that third party chemical impact on my system.

I shave to imitate my intimate
I shave to secure my serenity

That’s my divulgence for shaving. What’s yours?
Hairy as it may sound, share your stories to smoothness and silken the waxed thoughts around this clandestine rugged ritual.

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Amateur Scribbler. Equal opportunity scribbler on Stupidity and Sanity.
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19 Responses to Seeking Shaving Sense

  1. susielindau says:

    You crack me up! I love the last line! Good thing you don’t “wax poetic!” Hahaha! “Hairy as it may sound, share your stories to smoothness and silken the waxed thoughts around this clandestine rugged ritual”

  2. I just like this post a lot!

    as far as my story is concerned, the shaving cycle illustration says it all so perfectly!


    • Yatin says:

      Hah! If your profile picture is recent, you seem to be in perseverance state soon to be promoted to next state. I broke the cycle years ago at acceptance state & have been there since then.

  3. The Hook says:

    Fantastic post! You’ve generated greatness from the “mundane”!

  4. Ha! You certainly have a gift for turning the terrestrial into entertainment. Thanks for the laugh and for joining my blog posse. 😉

  5. Hareem says:

    You really made me LOL! 😀 Men’s shaving cycle is exactly the same to women’s hair-cut cycle. We cut it, regret it, grow it long only to cut it again. And hardly a few dare to break it.

  6. jakesprinter says:

    Great post Yatin I invite you here

  7. Addie says:

    This makes me depressed. I mean the thought of your counterpart shaving when we’re not supposed to have so much hair – mustache to be specific. I regularly go to a waxing salon for my upper lip. And don’t even get me started on the underarms. 😦

    • Yatin says:

      I hear you. It’s a painful process. It’s a process we adapted, it’s the aesthetic sense we developed. One courageous need go against usual norm and set a new trend. I can talk but can’t trend, I can instigate but can’t inspire. I can support the cause very well though. Any takers and I am all for it! 🙂

  8. Shil Rani says:

    Wow! Love the way you write and tie it all in together! Such a pleasurable journey to be on while reading… even if it is about hair!!! Lol!

  9. good that we women dont have to waste our time on this.

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