Relieve your stress while you relieve yourself!!

Relieve your stress while you relieve yourself!!
For those who cannot access the link here’s the summary of the news clip.
(A UK design team has devised a urinal-mounted games console, which it hopes will relieve men of boredom across the country. Mounted above the traditional ceramic bowl, its infra-red censors turn nature’s call into an opportunity to play games. A bar in south London is the first to purchase and install the product.)

Talk about technology & multitasking — and this UK based techies have taken it to a next level. You may have whistled or humm a song while attending nature’s short call. Even responding in most dire circumstances the whole process gets over under a minute; how much bored you can get during those solitary seconds? Well some imaginative brains have thought of utilizing those wasted seconds into a gratifying experience & have developed a technology to keep you entertained during that mandatory human event of the day!!

With technology in place, usage limited to selected audience & age restriction already built-in the technology (you have to reach there to play there) what kind of apps/games will go on this big boys new toy could be is whole new fervent discussion. Game developers wildest imagination into work will bring people’s feral fantasy alive during those few otherwise wasted seconds.

As we know in this technology age, how even a simple hand-held game is turned into a spirited sport? You never know, if the mania catches, this might very well turn into a competitive sport. Before people turn their imagination wild let me make it clear, even as a team sport you’ll still be playing from your solitary ceramic bowl, the console will be wired internally or connected wirelessly.

Wonder what measures people will take to gain combative advantage? The best comes to my mind is the strategy of “Consume” & “Hold”. Hold – not only adds volume to gain those extra playing seconds but also offers velocity for that little extra edge over opponent.

I already see Beer & bottled water company sponsoring this technology as a sport big time!!

In order to retain the precious ammo for that ultimate combat, eligible men will be faced with new age dilemma — “To pee or not to pee”


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6 Responses to Relieve your stress while you relieve yourself!!

  1. jakesprinter says:

    I love this entry Yatin 🙂

  2. Scriptor Obscura says:

    Huh…of all things! What will they come up with next?! Of all the weird and crazy ideas that people come up with!

    PS: and by the way, I just noticed your twitter feed on the right side of your blog, and I just wanted to say that I love your tweet of a month ago, “I am the boss of my house and I have my wife’s permission to say so.” Great one! 😀

    • Yatin says:

      As long as humans posses the ability to run their imagination wild & as long as technology will have ability to transform imagination into reality we will continue to see things that will make our jaw drop, Amazing, weird and everything in-between. That tweet you mentioned is a reality of many modern day hubbies. 😀

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