Why this kolaveri di?

Why this kolaveri di?

Hours within its launch the video went viral on Indian social media and was the most searched item from Indian engines. I unequivocally got sucked into the latest music sensation. Couple of replays on YouTube and my two year old started jabbering the beguiling ear candy in his very own “eestyle“. The catchy lyrics & head nodding beats instantaneously got remixed & saw a remake in almost every other Indian language.

For decades North tried to propagate Hindi across the nation as a common medium to communicate. We all know how the efforts went. Seems like finally there could be a breakthrough with Tanglish. The way this song is accepted and appreciated across the states beyond the linguistic boundary, I think we would have had a solution a while ago if planners had looked for some subtle clues during their initial language harmonizing efforts; The monsoon winds across the subcontinent sails South to North, A full worn lungi  (staple wear of majority Indians) is folded south to north to attain maximum comfort. This tells me that propagating language from south to north would have achieved far better results than the usual other way around efforts. Well we have a solution now!!

A good Tamil friend helped me comprehend the tagline of this soup song.
Kolaveri – Kola + veri
Kola = Murder
veri = rage
di = ‘rey’ in hindi(feminine)
Why this kolaveri di?- Literally means – ‘Why are you in such a murderous rage?’.

Contrary to the meter line, the entire song has no mention of any subtle or obvious form of violence. The innocent lyrics talks about dark night, white girl, scotch poured in the glass and much more to amaze your senses. Carefully selected word potpourri is sure to stir up your feral imagination. Scotch poured in the glass is my favorite part of the song, may be that was the tipping point for me to jump on the wagon.  The pressing question in this work of art – “why this …”  hitherto remains unanswered, I guess there’s a sequel in making with equally entertaining response! Meanwhile the music is well on its way to become an all-time chart buster. I am a fan of this new age anthem and have already liked its creators on the social media. After all how often you see a creative piece of art from entertainment industry that bridges the nation into unity?

Remember you don’t have to be a good cook to enjoy quality food. Traditional meal might be your preference to suit your taste; once in a while it’s not bad to try fast-food!!


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8 Responses to Why this kolaveri di?

  1. divyakaul says:

    Yeah… and, my favorite part of the song is when he goes,”Life-uh reverssse-uh gearrrr-uh!!!”

  2. Yatin says:

    The reverse gear experience can be fascinating or devastating depending on the girl-uh type-uh!! Devastating in literal sense and fascinating figuratively – talking the guy back in memory lane to relive missed moments!

  3. Hellopalz says:

    Lol… coming from a non-tamil speaking person, i must say, you ahve a good hold of what u blogging about. I’m a Tamilian and honestly i dont see whats the hype all about!

  4. Shil Rani says:

    Thanks! Ive been wanting a good translation of what i have been singing and humming! lol.. I dont know what it is about the song exactly, but I’m loving it! Voice, tune, lyrics= all of it!

    • Yatin says:

      I hope you didn’t say Why this Kolaveri to a Tamil speaking person! I don’t think even the makers of the song anticipated this much of a success. It seems like all star lined up for this song. It’s catchy for sure and that’s one reason for the euphoria around it.

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